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Monday, March 20, 2023


This Mother's Day allows us to embrace the ones who have given us so much without asking for anything.  

Our mothers, grand-mothers and great-grand mothers show us unconditional love and grace.  

Our mothers, grand mothers and great-grand mothers are the pinnacle of our personalities as they represent all the goodness in us.  

This day allows us to say 'Thank You' to them and wish them much health.

The song 'Mama' is dedicated to the ones that will always be in our hearts.

This song is for you!

Marat Sidelsky
President & CEO,
Marat World Entertainment  

Happy Mother's Day

Below you will find the MP3 of the solo and quartet version of 'Mama'.

The quartet version includes some of the most talented people we have had the pleasure of working with.

We hope that you enjoy our art


Solo Version - MP3 Format

Quartet Version - MP3 Format

YouTube Videos

Mama Quartet
22631 176
Mama Marat Solo
28309 98

For singers who would like to have the playback version of the song 'Mama' please contact Marat World Entertainment using the link.